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The Village Home — Chez Castanet, Villa to rent in the south of France

The Village Home

The village of Nézignan l'Évêque taken from the vineyard fields

Our 15th Century home is 62 walking steps from the church steeple on a narrow street that barely allows a car to pass. It’s a classic stone row house, in a circulades village, set on a hill in the midst of sun-drenched vineyards. The plumbing, telephone and electrical have been updated to current meet standards; heating & air-conditioning are both electrical. We have taken great pains to preserve much of the original outer walls and unique arches in the building. The house is a multi-level maison de village of 1900 square feet, on the original 16th century hospital site and backs onto Rue l’Hopital.

French homes are simply decorated and have good-quality, modest furniture. We have followed the tradition in decorating, adding many comforts and features, including internet & multi-lingual television.

Kitchen/Family Room

A quick trip to get some lunch.
kitchen view at Chez Castanet
kitchen view at Chez Castanet
dining in at Chez Castanet

This traditional French village home both faces and backs unto 2 adjacent streets with ample parking around the house allowing you to easily unload baggage and supplies. The front entrance leads into the séjour or kitchen/family room; the kitchen was designed by a Parisian designer and is a cook’s delight. The French take great pride in the preparation of meals and this fully-equipped kitchen includes an oven with table top burners, a microwave, refrigerator, separate freezer, and a dishwasher. There is a table for 4, plus an island with breakfast seating for 2 attached to the centre island for meal preparation. The local markets have a broad range of foods that can be prepared (or purchased prepared) for delightful meals with all the local wines.

Living Room

Spacious entertainment and dining area to relax and enjoy, with friends and family.
Spacious entertainment/dining area to relax and enjoy friends and family.
Newly upgraded furniture and appliances (TV).
Comfortable seating & viewing area.
Stairs leading to upper 3 bedrooms and terrace.
Stairs leading to upper 3 bedrooms and terrace.

The dining area contains a large formal traditional dining suite where Family & Friends can discuss daily adventures and enjoy superb French cuisine. After your delightful meal retire to the lounge area for café and carry on with pleasant conversation.

Fun Fact: This room is the original home and overlooks a petit courtyard that was once another home on the next street.


Up eight steps and you enter the grand living room with the original wall facing the small open courtyard, which has stained glass windows from a hospital in London. A doorway in the courtyard opens into a garage with a barbecue and some tools. The garage door has a “people” entrance and opens onto Rue l’Hopital. We initially decided not to have a television, however, we added one to better accommodate our guests, especially those with children.


Master Bedroom at Chez Castanet
Master Bedroom (Queen)
Second Bedroom at Chez Castanet
Bedroom 2 (Double)
Third Bedroom at Chez Castanet
Bedroom 3 (Twin)

A few steps up from the living room are the bedrooms; there is an L-shaped room with 2 single beds and second bedroom with a double bed. Further up the stairs is there is a large, separate bathroom/tub with an individual WC in the French tradition and there is a washing machine (for clothes) located in this area for your convenience. Further down the hall you will find the master bedroom, complete with an ensuite bathroom and shower. It has a double bed, armoire, and a table for cosmetics or a computer. This is a multilevel suite with plenty of room to relax and sleep in the peace and quiet of the French countryside.


A quaint courtyard at Chez Castanet
Inside the rooftop terrace at Chez Castanet
work area at Chez Castanet

The staircase ends in a set of glass doors leading to the terrace which allow sun to enter the house. The enclosed part of the room contains a rattan settee, matching chair and a wrought iron etagere. The terrace has complete privacy and overlooks the valley of vines and the village…A spectacular view to the South!

There is a garage and an owner’s sejour on the other side of the courtyard. The house has 5 mini levels as you climb to the sun-drenched terrace.

Home Entrances & Parking

sejour at Chez Castanet

The entrances to the house are on 2 different streets: Rue l’Hopital & Rue Droite (garage).
The garage door has a “people” entrance, which opens onto Rue l’Hopital. The turns and incline of the street make it very difficult to park your car here; we recommend that you park in the square or at the end of Rue Droite as there are plenty of parking spaces.