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Testimonials — Chez Castanet, Villa to rent in the south of France



Here we wanted to post all the comments sent to us from the people who have stayed at the house so that you (our future guests) could get some perspective from someone other than me.

Repeat Visitor P.H.

The village is the kind of picture perfect or postcard perfect place we all envision when we think of rural France. Most of the buildings in the village are 500+ years old. As was the case when
most of these villages were built, the town is formed in what is known as a “circular” which means that the homes and streets form a concentric circle emanating out from the church which was the center of community activity. The village has about 900 inhabitants. Like most of the villages in SW France it has a “boulangerie” (bakery), a bar, a tabac ( convenience store), and a very small grocery store. Most grocery shopping can be done in Pezenas, which also hosts a Saturday farmers market. The locals are all very friendly and some even have a modest command of English. As is also common in these small towns they have multiple festivals which are merely excuses for the townspeople to get together and party. All are welcome and usually the food and wine are provided out of the municipal budget. The village is about 10 km from the Mediterranean and about 15 minutes from a town where you can hop on the TGV (high speed train) and go anywhere in Europe.

Ken’s place [The House] is adorable and is a mixture of very historic and contemporary.The architecture is very historic and yet Ken also has all the modern conveniences you could want – wi-fi, modern appliances, washer/dryer, showers, etc. The home is built on 4 levels with Kitchen on first level, dining and living room on 2nd level, 2 bedrooms on third level and a master bedroom and two bathrooms on 4th level. Actually, you have a 5th level which has a sitting room and an outdoor patio.

We’ve enjoyed both the home and the village tremendously and would heartily recommend it to anyone.