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Arrivals — Chez Castanet, Villa to rent in the south of France


The airport in Paris presents a glimpse of the architecture the French culture will offer.


Arriving from North America on a Friday morning at Montpellier Airport, you are only 45 minutes from the house. You will need a car to get to Nézignan l’Évêque. Leaving the airport, go North to the A9 enroute to Barcelona, Beziers, Narbonne.

When you finalize your agreement, we will send you exact details of how to reach the village and the house as well as lots more information about the sites to visit, good restaurants, etc.

Arriving at our front door.
Summer arrivals are greeted by beautiful flora.


Dress & Weather

Normally July & August are very hot; spring and fall are warmer than Northern California and Southern Ontario. Winter can be cold, though considerably milder than Canada. No snow (when it snows, it’s an event people talk about for years). However, it can be rainy and windy. Southern France’s winds, the Mistral in Provence and Tramontane in Languedoc, are quite strong. In any season except summer, bring a sweater and windbreaker. In France, even in Paris, people on vacation dress quite casually. Jeans and T-shirts are appropriate, except in better restaurants. Men are not required to wear a tie or a jacket, however many of the local people will dress in a tie and jacket. For women, skirts and pants are acceptable practically everywhere.