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Rennes — Chez Castanet, Villa to rent in the south of France


by caskenkp on April 16, 2012

in My Tour de France


The changing architecture of homes and in the old quarter businesses of Rennes. It is a city worth another visit. I had read of the differences in Bordeaux, here you can see it instantly and in the suburbs (small villages) the new homes are very different from the homes in the south. In the south are all one story, spread out and with pink stucco, here they are 2 stories of off white stucco and some even have basements. The local stone used in the old village barns, homes & Chateaus is darker and the cement ( I am not sure if it is cement) can be seen distinctly where as in our home in the south it definitely is a mixture of rubble and who knows what else used as glue for the massive rocks.

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