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Day 7 — Chez Castanet, Villa to rent in the south of France

Day 7

by caskenkp on March 16, 2011

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Visiting a culture that is thousands of years old that has changed from local markets with unique trades that create diverse products, to trading globally by traveling on foot, then boat, then train, then car, and now airplane. I left Mossiac with instructions to try the canal route. I was like superman flying along the canal on one side and the Garonne River on the other. The scenery is not great in March as the buds are just starting to show however, there are spots that look like they are out of a story book.

The flaw with the canal is that it does not have much traffic & at Klm 75 I was getting desperate for a place to stay. I ha tried 2 villages and not even a hotel. I pulled out on of my map on Aquitaine and saw the road about 5 klm away and off I went into the wind. Then at klm 86 I saw a huge Chateau and a sign “Chambre d’hôtes”. I was met by the local artisan who happens to be the wife and owner. She spoke elegant French and I misunderstood the rate and ended up paying 75 Euros for the night not 35 that I heard. Her husband is the consigner who drove me to, and from, the nearest village 3 klm away for dinner. A great elegant place, Pictures to come later.

I am frustrated with the lack of time to create these blogs as my days are spent trying to cover the klms, check emails, and then dinner and sleep; awaking in the night to complete this as groggy as I am. Therefore I can claim if my spelling or logic is inconsistent then blame it on my sleepless disrupted nights.

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DRH March 15, 2011 at 8:24 pm

Ken, GREAT Update & Pics!!!
Yesterday, Monday [14th]the $Euro was at $1.362 Cdn so with the transaction admin fee the exchange rate would be approx $1.40 Cdn. This is much better than the $1.65-$1.70 rate in 2007. Just enjoy!
Maybe start taking a pic of each place you stay so we can relate to your comments. That cannal path / road looked very inviting for a bike ride. DRH


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