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Day 6 — Chez Castanet, Villa to rent in the south of France

Day 6

by caskenkp on March 15, 2011

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Being able to catch up on rest and not concern myself with the goal of how far do I have to travel to met my objective by May 7 was delightful. Toulouse is really a southern French city that is diverse and multicultural. I woke up as usual (04:30) look out the window to see a group of men (Arabian?) (6-9) in the fast food place across the road. It drove home the difference in ages (mine & theirs) and how pockets of ethnics groups are the same the world over. I remember growing up in the Italian enclave in Hamilton Ontario and realized that the immigrants of all nationalities migrating anywhere will group together and then meld in after 2 generations. This diversity is what makes Canada such a great place to live. Not perfect but better than anywhere I have seen.

Sunday Day 6

I left Toulouse invigorated and rode with the wind at my back. Spring is arriving and the road ahead looked greener. I could smell the early morning dew on the grass a wet warm green spice. I actually hear different birds chirping. Now I need to prove to Tony C that I actually was doing this ride not sitting in a bar guzzling wine and having a great laugh. Therefore the views of the trees, flowers and fields of new vegetables.

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