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Toulouse — Chez Castanet, Villa to rent in the south of France


by caskenkp on March 12, 2011

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What a difference a day makes! I awoke with renewed energy had a great breakfast at the chamber d’hotel. (Barry W keeps telling me to eat a lot as I am burning calories) . I started early (takes about 20 minutes to load up bike) and the first hill was easy!!! Really a hill, then flat. The wind was at my back I cover the first 17 klm in 40 minutes. Then through Castelnaudary following road signs towards route to Toulouse—OPPS leads to super highway—Tried to stop in gravel—couldn’t fell off bike—into loose mushy earth & grass—rolled a bit, got up and shook myself off. Fantastic soft-landing, just a few scratches on bike (me too). Hated that my new bike yet.


I am averaging 20 klm per hour & no pain THE SOFT SEAT COVER IS WORKING WELL. Arrive at Villefrance about 33 klms from Toulouse. Found the local’s hotel (Hotel De France) for lunch & parked bike in garage (always afraid it will get stolen) . Plat de Jour-entree plat -11 Euros. I could not understand the entre choices and went with what waitress said was great. I hate liver, she delivered liver salad WHAT A SURPRISE mouth watering chunks of liver in a sauce that made me not want it to finish, The plat was fish nothing compared to the “salad de foie de volaille“chicken liver salad really sounds better in French .Don’t you just love the language. Back on the road to Toulouse arrived 16:30, 77km riding time at 20km per hour. Arrived at Hotel IBIS Hotels of choice for me to get internet, warm, and clean rooms at reasonable price. I am averaging about 70 Euros per day including lunch. Tomorrow is going to be a rainy day and I am going to take a day off and sightsee this great southern city.

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