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Discussion — Chez Castanet, Villa to rent in the south of France


by caskenkp on March 11, 2011

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I had hoped that I would be able to start a dialogue about People, Places, and Culture, however up until now I have been focused upon getting through the day and resting at night. I suppose the difference with going to a place for 2 weeks and riding for 2 months is the need to keep you small amount of clothing from developing moss/fugus and stopping them from feeling like card board . There is the necessity to wash your socks, underwear and light weight T shirts before they smell like many of the people on the Paris metro. I cannot wear a pair of socks for more than one day & I packed 3 different types of socks and the ones from Mountain Coop have become my favourite. Luckily I have 2 pairs, however they are thick and do not dry easily. I am carrying 2 boxes of tide (sample size) in a zip lock bag to accommodate this necessity.

Tonight the heat did not seem to work and I was hesitant to wash because wet socks add weight to my load. YES I am aware of ounces since the added weight on my sore derrière. The same issue relates to underwear and I am already down to one pair as I threw out the other 2 pairs as they did not wash well and were uncomfortable as I only wear then in the evenings. Another story for another day.

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