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Day 3 — Chez Castanet, Villa to rent in the south of France

Day 3

by caskenkp on March 11, 2011

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Got a late start (11:00) immediately started to feel the head wind in my face. Then the hills started, I was keeping a good pace until today and had to stop every 30 minutes to massage my legs. I lasted until Montreal. It is a 260 metre hill and I tried to find a place to stay finally gave up had lunch and got  a reservation in Fanjeaux another hill village 280 metres in the sky. I walked the entire hill. Stopped ¾ way up and looked at my maps and realized these hills are not even shown on the Michelin Maps, The balance of the next 6 days are beside ( a cote) the Pyrenees mountains (foothills)  and I realized I would not be able to handle those foothills as I am struggling with the ordinary hills. C’est la vie. I climbed the hill then went back down to the Chambre d’hote and decided that the best place to go was to Toulouse and onto the Bordeaux. The challenge then became how would my legs hold out for the next leg of 80Klm (all of these numbers are estimates until I ride the roads}.

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